Pure Leaf Tea Partners With FOOD & WINE, Wholesome Wave

March 24, 2014

Pure Leaf™ Iced Tea, a product of The Pepsi Lipton Tea Partnership, announced its partnership with FOOD & WINE to unveil a consumer engagement platform for the magazine's Grow for Good program, beginning with the relaunch of its co-branded Website. Grow for Good is a national campaign to raise public awareness and support for charitable initiatives aimed at increasing consumer access to locally and sustainably grown foods. All 2014 initiatives between Pure Leaf and Grow for Good strive to benefit Wholesome Wave, a nonprofit that focuses on making fresh, healthy, locally grown food affordable and accessible to everyone.

"Pure Leaf has always been committed to providing premium taste through tea made from real tea leaves, and in 2014, we want to reinforce our passion for realness and help to provide others with access to wholesome and sustainable foods," said Eric Whitehouse, marketing director, The Pepsi Lipton Tea Partnership, in a prepared statement. "Our shared passion for superior quality makes FOOD & WINE, and specifically the Grow for Good platform, the best partner to help us affect change through our joint commitment to Wholesome Wave."

"Since 2007, FOOD & WINE has been committed to supporting farms, encouraging sustainable agriculture and increasing access to affordable, locally grown food with our Grow for Good initiative," said FOOD & WINE SVP and Publisher Christina Grdovic. "It is with great excitement that we found a partner in Pure Leaf who shares our objective in bringing awareness of healthy food choices to underserved communities."

Through its partnership with FOOD & WINE, Pure Leaf is integrated in the relaunch of the Grow for Good Website, in turn spreading the word about Pure Leaf's campaign, events and consumer engagement initiatives. The Website also features Q&As from featured chefs Hugh Acheson and Wholesome Wave founder Michel Nischan, seasonal recipes from both chefs and FOOD & WINE, and information on upcoming farmers market events where consumers can participate.

"We believe that everybody in the world should be able to put the same beautiful, ripe tomato on their table. That's our mission—to make good, healthy, locally grown food available to everyone," said Michel Nischan, award-winning chef and CEO/founder of Wholesome Wave. "Pure Leaf and FOOD & WINE's Grow for Good platform is integral in elevating our mission by raising awareness and funding for our programs all over the country."

Through the partnership, Pure Leaf will participate at FOOD & WINE's marquee events, including the Austin, Texas FOOD & WINE Festival and FOOD & WINE Classic in Aspen, Colo. The brand was also recently the sponsor of the Pure Leaf Farm to Table brunch at South Beach Wine and Food Festival.

Pure Leaf's 2014 "Share the Love of Leaves" campaign will focus on sharing great content that appeals to the brand's target audience, including recipes, DIY tips and daily inspiration. This spring, fans can get involved to make a difference in the lives of others and in their communities through Pure Leaf's commitment to real food with Wholesome Wave as the beneficiary. The "Share the Love of Leaves" campaign will include print, digital, traditional event and editorial components.

Pure Leaf is available in 18.5 ounce, single-serve bottles and a 59 ounce multi-serve carafe. Additional Pure Leaf flavors include, Unsweetened Iced Tea, Sweetened Iced Tea, Extra Sweet Iced Tea, Iced Tea With Raspberry flavor, Iced Tea With Lemon (diet and regular), Iced Tea With Peach flavor (diet and regular), Not Too Sweet Peach flavor Tea and Not Too Sweet Honey flavor Green Tea.


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