Fresh Healthy Vending Lists Top Selling Brands For 2011

Dec. 14, 2011
Fresh Healthy Vending, a company specializing in healthy vending machines, announced a list of their top-selling brands for 2011.

Fresh Healthy Vending, a company specializing in healthy vending machines, announced a list of their top-selling brands for 2011. The list has been compiled from the combined snack and drink sales from more than 800 vending machines across the U.S. and Canada. Their top-selling brands include Pirate’s Booty, PopChips, Good Health, Hint, Food Should Taste Good, Honest Tea, and Steaz.

“We had a great year and were pleased to bring so many healthy, natural snack and drink options to people around the country,” said Jolly Backer, the chief executive officer of Fresh Healthy Vending in a prepared statement. “Consumers have shown that they want healthy snack options to choose from, and we are happy that we have so many quality ones to provide them with.”

Fresh Healthy Vending machines are located in schools, hospitals and corporate offices. Each machine is dual-climate controlled, offering both warm and cold food options. All the food in the machines is made from natural, healthy ingredients, helping people to maintain their health goals even on the run. Each brightly colored vending machine is filled with such options as fresh fruits and vegetables, granola and protein bars, yogurt, baked crackers and chips, and healthy drinks, such as tea and soymilk.

“When given the choice, many people prefer a healthier drink option,” said Danielle Lum, marketing assistant at Steaz. “Our tea-based drinks have proven to be a popular alternative, and we are happy to be one of this year’s top sellers.”

Steaz offers a line of all-natural, all-organic tea-based drinks, including sparkling green teas, energy drinks, and iced tea. Additionally, all Steaz drinks are Fair Trade, and the company offsets their carbon footprint by having low CO2 certification with Native Energy.

“It’s an honor to make the top-seller list, and that people are choosing our snacks,” said Lauren Silver of Pirate Brands, the maker of Pirate’s Booty. “The great thing about our healthy snacks is that, while they are better for you, there is no sacrificing on flavor. You can fulfill that snack attack and not feel guilty about doing so.”

Pirate Brands focuses on providing healthier, baked, all-natural snacks that are cholesterol and trans-fat-free. Their products are also gluten-free, providing more options for those who are also seeking wheat-free snacks.

In the coming year, Fresh Healthy Vending machines will continue to enter new territories around the nation. They will also continue to supply a wide range of healthy snack and beverage options, helping to provide better options for those needing a convenient snack. For information, go to