Free Resources in Tough Times: Knowledge Source Partners

Aug. 13, 2008
NAMA Insight

From rising energy prices to falling home values and daily bad news about the stock market, the newspapers have been full of bad news. And if you’re listening to the pundits, it looks like everyone should be bracing for more dismal earnings reports, more rising gas prices, and generally speaking, more bad news.

Fortunately, for several years NAMA has been creating a number of products and services that can help companies not only survive but thrive in these difficult economic times.

First, it’s important to remember that a wealth of knowledge is only a phone call away with NAMA’s Knowledge Source Partners who deliver advice about how to solve a host of business problems free of charge.

Enlist NAMA’s Sales Expertise

For example, the sales team of any company is always important because it represents the life of a company, but during a recession, it becomes critical. Jim Proebstle, president of Prodyne Inc., has a lifetime of experience in sales productivity, sales management and strategic sales and marketing, and members can tap into his advice for free. Using Jim’s advice, you can create a highly trained sales department that can help you generate the new accounts you need to survive.

Experts also agree that while the sales department is critical in a recession, marketing also becomes much more important. Now is the time to expand the advertising and marketing programs that will produce a constant stream of new clients which will be critical if existing customers affected seriously by the recession are to be replaced successfully.

Jackie Clark of Clark Communications can help you with all of your marketing needs, from advertising, brochures and newsletters to getting coverage in media outlets that spread the word about your company to potential new clients. As a Knowledge Source Partner, Jackie will advise you about how to create and implement your marketing campaign for free.

Invest in Your Workforce

Evaluating the skills of employees is also a critical area to review during tough times. To help employees work as productively as possible, business leaders must first provide them with the right tools to do their job, and second, thoroughly train them on a regular basis to ensure they are using their talents in the best way possible.

From the Emerging Leaders Program to the NAMA/MSU Executive Development Program, NAMA has training programs unmatched anywhere that can help you train your workforce to be more skilled and productive.

Some of the other Knowledge Source Partners who can help advise you include:

  • Catering consultant Jon Rodrigues, owner of Valley Catering, can share ideas on how to grow your catering business;
  • Registered dietician Lori Valencic can answer questions about health, diet and nutrition;
  • Ed Sterczek can help you find a health insurance program that works and saves you money at the same time.

Cut Down on Transportation Costs

As important as growing and strengthening the business can be, finding places to cut costs is critical. Through its Business Partners, NAMA has arranged for a variety of money-saving programs that will significantly cut your transportation costs.

With oil prices skyrocketing, Exxon Mobil and Shell Oil can save companies money on fuel purchases, while Meineke Car Care Centers Inc., provides discounts on oil changes and tire rotations as well as discounts on other automotive services, tires and batteries.

Member companies may also be eligible for discounts on their business automobile insurance if purchased through Allstate Insurance, and savings on freight and shipping services are offered by DHL Express, Roadway Express, USF and New Penn.

To learn more about NAMA Knowledge Source and Business Partners, call NAMA at 312-346-0370 or visit the NAMA Website at: