Quarterly winner : Carolyn Cooper, C and C Vending, Ringgold, Ga.

July 22, 2014
A love of the job translates into a passion to please the customer.

Personal service means a lot to vending customers in Ringgold, Ga., and Carolyn Cooper knows it. She has made getting to know her customers her life’s calling, which is why she and her husband, Jerry, have never lost a customer in the five years they’ve operated C&C’s Vending. When the husband of a location manager passed away, Carolyn Cooper bought the woman a small plant, which continues to grow in the woman’s office. At every holiday, understanding the woman’s sense of loss, Carolyn brings her a present.

The Coopers have grown the business from a handful of small locations with mechanical snack machines to a route that now includes 200 full-size snack and cold drink machines.

The couple decided to try their hand at full line vending after operating some small bulk vending machines on a part-time basis. They found that small locations were especially pleased to have “brand name” full-size snack and cold drink machines.

Carolyn Cooper has found running the route to be the most enjoyable full-time job she’s ever had. “You’re not staying in the same place, you’re moving all the time, and I’ve met some really nice people,” she said.

She enjoys finding out what her customers like to buy from the machines and providing it for them.

Carolyn services 80 accounts every four days. She has never taken a day off in five years.

Carolyn won the second quarterly competition for the 2010 Automatic Merchandiser 7th Annual Route Driver of the Year Award sponsored by Kraft Vending & OCS.

She was nominated by her husband, Jerry, for Route Driver of the Year. Drivers are selected based on a numerical score in the following areas: years as a driver, number of machines serviced, miles traveled, accidents and citations, days missed, speed, thoroughness, customer compliments, truck condition, empty spirals and sales.


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