Peach Brings Tech-Powered Lunch To Hungry Talent

Oct. 14, 2019
Image 2019 10 14 Peach Logo

PHOENIX, Oct. 14, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- "Lunch should be amazing," according to Peach, a five-year-old Seattle-based company that combines the best of text-based technology with the finest food in a local market. They launched in Phoenix at the beginning of October.

Workers and companies who sign-up for Peach get a complete menu at the beginning of the week and then, each morning, they receive a shortlist of lunch options via SMS text featuring highly-rated local restaurants. Says Nishant Singh, CEO, "We curate the best food from the best restaurants and bring healthy, filling meals to people who can't leave their desks or work in places where they have limited food choices."

Peach's Seattle clients include companies such as Amazon, GoDaddy, and Deloitte. Some of these companies subsidize (or even cover the cost of) employee's lunches, making it a win-win for companies who want to build a strong community culture and for employees who save money and time. The average lunch cost is around $10, with delivery, tax, and tip included.

Says Paseo, a Seattle restaurant partner, "Peach has given us some phenomenal exposure. We're now able to reach an audience sitting behind a desk that may be unable, because of distance or time constraints, to get out and try us."

Among the restaurants Peach currently works with in Phoenix are Fired Pie, Yogi's Grill, Planet Sub, and The Bodhi to name a few. They are seeking additional restaurant partners as they expand.

Peach is currently offering companies a free trial week upon sign-up, delivering free lunches to the entire staff.

About Peach

Peach is a Seattle-based Lunch Delivery Service that launched in 2014. Peach currently serves Phoenix, Greater Seattle, Boston, San Diego, and Orange County. They were named by GeekWire as one of the "Seattle 10" Innovative Companies and raised $8M in 2015 for its expansion. Peach differs from other food delivery services because of its text-based model, high-quality and affordable food choices, and appeal to companies that want to offer food-related benefits while minimizing choice and complexity.

Editor's Note: Peach joins the growing list of meal delivery service companies offering office lunch delivery, directly competing with convenience services in the workplace.