Seaga Strengthens Its Industrial Vending Dominance

June 26, 2018

FREEPORT, Ill., June 26, 2018 -- Capitalizing on the commercial success of the Guardian™, a 24 door locker, Seaga introduces two additions to the IIC family, the Warden™, and the Sentry™. Seaga's Intelligent Inventory Control (IIC) is an industrial vending management solution that optimizes inventory expenditures and increases productivity by monitoring consumable inventory, and providing 24/7 access to MRO tools and a variation of other consumable resources in manufacturing, construction, safety and PPE equipment, as well as office, and medical supplies. 

As leaders in the controlled dispensing industry, Seaga understands its obligation to build innovative technology, quality equipment, and a ubiquitous brand equity. The growth of Seaga's Intelligent Inventory Control (IIC) embodies the company's commitment to its corporate goals and responsibility as an industry leader.  

"In over 30 years of business, we have consistently thrived on providing sophisticated solutions that have penetrated and diversified a competitive automated dispensing market. Our Intelligent Inventory Control solutions are prime examples of this," said Steve Chesney, President of Seaga Manufacturing. 

The Warden™ is equipped with 16 doors with a smaller footprint designed to optimize space consumption. The Sentry™ has 18 doors. Both deliver an enhanced solution to the marketplace. The Guardian™, the Warden™ and the Sentry™ are critical to any industrial vending strategy aimed at reducing cost and increasing productivity. Encompassing the same check-in/check-out capabilities and robust cloud-based software technology and reporting integration. 

The Guardian™, the Warden™, and the Sentry™ are capable of being reconfigured in the field, adapting to consistent changes within the environment they're deployed. Seaga's engineers are driving innovation through applied industry research and standards. The Intelligent Inventory Control software integration engages in IoT operations allowing it to securely log, track, sum, report, and communicate inventory usage data within a satellite of machines positioned tactically throughout the work environment. 

Seaga's expansion of the Intelligent Inventory Control offering solidifies their commitment to the Industrial Vending market. 


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