Seaga Releases Its Latest Multibeverage Vending Machine; The Prosper

May 1, 2018

FREEPORT, Ill., May 1, 2018 -- Being at the forefront of the vending industry for more than three decades and  well-known for offering innovative technology, quality equipment, and great sales performance, no one is surprised when Seaga reveals a smart new vendor like The Prosper.  

Satisfying the ever-increasing demand for non-carbonated beverages, The Prosper optimizes floor space, without compromising product variety, for an overall increased product margin. For the first time, operators are able to have proven stack technology capable of vending glass bottles, square PET and slim cans within a single, attractive vendor. The Prosper aims to elevate ROI by providing an elegant, vastly flexible machine that's way ahead of its glass front predecessor. 

Featuring 18 selections and allowing an extensive product range of 8 oz. to 20 oz. beverages, The Prosper has the ability to vend an almost unlimited spectrum of diverse products within the same machine, satisfying today's consumer demand within a sleek and elegant design. The Prosper even features a media player option to further enhance the purchasing experience and promote new, premium-priced modern beverages. Engineered to mitigate (Address, rather than mitigate) the space limitations of the colossal glass-front machines, The Prosper can be placed in locations where having a glass-front just isn't practical. 

"Like any successful company that puts the customer first, Seaga is always going to be innovative, ushering in features that serve our customer needs. That's what The Prosper does; it gives you diversity and cost efficiency, coupled with advanced technologies that make our customers more money," Steven Chesney, President. 

The Prosper uses a new vibration controlled delivery system with a unique dual delivery deck, enabling 18 selections from a standard size machine. With the cohesion of Seaga's superior hardware and software, not only is The Prosper a vending revenue generator, but it echoes the kind of dependable innovation Seaga is renowned for. With MDB and DEX protocols incorporated, The Prosper can easily integrate with the latest technology in payment and telemetry operations like NFC that allows for Google Pay, Apple Pay along with other digital payment options giving the consumer more ways to purchase the products they enjoy. 

Seaga's intelligent solutions are targeted to fill any vending need. For more information please call 

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