Seaga's Garrison ™ Expands The Industrial Vending Market Reach

Dec. 3, 2018

Galvanized by its commitment to quality, intelligent customer-centric design, and a robust application stack, Seaga Manufacturing introduces an addition to its Intelligent Inventory Control family the Garrison™. Designed to provide opportunities for the small and medium account locations yet providing the same cost advantages as the larger markets. The Garrison™ was developed to meet customer demand for an industrial vending machine that provided the same accountability and control for accounts with limited resources and fewer employees. 

Seaga's IIC Garrison™ helps to eliminate some of the industry obstacles related to providing a quality solution for accounts of all sizes by answering the distinctive needs of various product manufacturers and operators across the globe giving these companies the ability to expand their reach and take on more. It combines some of the most advanced vending operations in efficiency, productivity, and accountability that are so dominant in the SightGuard™, and then optimizes those advantages by expanding space adaptability and product accessibility.

"Our industrial vending line drives down inventory spending by applying engineering practices that are rational and focused on the way our customers use our products. The Garrison™ embodies those practices in that it was designed to offer the same access and accountability of products vital to operations within low volume organizations and accounts," said Steve Chesney, President of Seaga Manufacturing.

As a capital force behind any successful industrial vending integration, like its counterparts, the Garrison™ improves operations by improving accountability, productivity, accessibility as well as product visibility. With 24/7 access to equipment and tools, the machine can be configured with various degrees of access including a specific employee or group of employees, with a precise quantity, within a specific time frame. It utilizes a robust, cloud-based software package that's backed up on Amazon's encrypted datacenters providing companies with the peace of mind knowing that their information is safe and secure.   

Employing an IoT sensibility that's optimal for communication between satellite machines placed tactically throughout the work environment, the Garrison™ is a sophisticated asset to any organization looking for live tracking and accountability for smaller and medium market accounts.

For more information on Seaga's industrial vending solution or any of our Intelligent Inventory Control products please contact Seaga at [email protected] or call 815.297.9500.


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