Soft Serve Vending Machine Spotted In Moxy Times Square NYC

Sept. 13, 2018

A Love Machine soft-serve ice cream vending machine has been placed in Moxy Times Square, a Marriott Hotels subsidiary, in New York City, NY, according to Forbes. This machine serves on-demand soft-serve in flavors such as hot honey vanilla, dairy-free dark chocolate, twist soft serve, or traditional with a number of toppings, including Legasea black-out cookies and Greek yogurt chips. Customers interact with the machine, choosing size and toppings, using a touchscreen video display. Cost of the ice cream is between $3 to $7. Customers can pay with cash, credit card or Apple Pay with the entire transaction (including dispensing) taking less than a minute. 

Editor's Insight: It's important to stay current on what consumers are seeing vending machines do, from dispensing computer accessories to various types of high-end products. The image of automatic merchandisers is evolving.