Sestra Systems Releases Contactless Smart Dispensing Solution For Beverages

May 25, 2020

Editor's note: Sestra Systems has introduced a new touchless solution for beverage dispensing.

Touchless dispensing now offered on TapWise Smart Dispensing solution from Sestra Systems

May 19, 2020 11:44 AM (EDT) / STERLING, Va.--()--Sestra Systems, the industry leader in smart, cloud-connected dispensing, has introduced new TapWise Touchless options to their smart dispensing solution for a fully contactless experience. In the wake of COVID-19, this timely product expansion allows bars, stadiums, hotels, arenas, airport lounges, and other food and beverage venues to increase points of service and create distance for servers and guests as currently recommended by reopening guidelines.

The addition of TapWise Touchless dispensing expands Sestra’s capabilities to control dispensing without anyone having to touch a handle, lever or button. Commenting on the recent product development, Sestra’s COO Kim AuBuchon said, “With our patented Touchless Taps and our sophisticated cloud control, it was an obvious next step to completely eliminate any need to touch the station. Now we can offer a contactless solution that is easier and safer, improving the guest experience at venues of all kinds.”

TapWise Touchless dispensing uses a sophisticated sensor to detect and analyze objects and movement in 3D. This nuance allows the solution to distinguish pour requests from other movements, such as cleaning and passing traffic, and prevent accidental dispensing.

Sestra’s cloud-based platform ecosystem offers options with integrated point-of-sale systems, mobile experiences, and self-serve authorizations. Their new contactless experience works well behind the bar while also catering to an expanding self-serve market. It is an example of Sestra’s continued commitment to creating a better beverage experience for guests as well as managers.

“The current need to improve safety and enhance delivery is accelerating the beverage industry down a path it was already on - toward frictionless guest experiences,” according to Sestra CEO Lev Volftsun. “Touchless dispensing will be a key component to the future of the industry and for all of our customers, from hotels to bars to sports arenas.”

About Sestra

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