Smart Soda Launches A Revolutionary Beverage Program For Office Spaces

May 14, 2020

Smart Soda Holdings' new beverage program is applicable to office coffee service. 

BEACHWOOD, Ohio, May 13, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Smart Soda Holdings, Inc., announced today a Bottle-less Beverage Program for offices. Smart Soda is the world's first company to offer, craft vitamin-infused flavored sparkling alkaline waters and sodas.

Beverage Options IncludeSugar free, reduced cane sugarvegan, kosher antioxidant-rich, gluten-free and CBD infused.

The Bottle-less Beverage Program includes, the "JuLi Touch" model, which is a state-of-the-art beverage platform with a large, dynamic touch screen for maximum user experience, and the Smart Soda Sync, an IoT software solution to track customer behavior and identify purchasing needs from a secure online dashboard interface.

'We have developed the optimal beverage program for offices, the users can choose from a variety of 32 flavors, sodas and unlimited sparkling mineral and alkaline waters. We are offering a disaster relief program that includes the first 5,000 drinks, 90 days deferred payment and free installation. Our team is professional and follows all COVID-19 safety protocols. I drink our vitamin Infused beverages daily, it is not just delicious, but it supports my immune system," says Mr. Lior Shafir, CEO of Smart Soda.

The program is available nationwide, to learn more or apply please visit

About Smart Soda Holdings

Smart Soda Holdings, Inc., offers a healthy beverage alternative using vitamins and alkaline water. The proprietary line of beverages has created with the health-conscious consumer in mind. Smart Soda works with large corporations, restaurants, offices, and organizations on providing the equipment, syrups, and accessories they need to serve healthy, delicious sodas to their customers.