FloWater Reaches Milestone In Reducing Plastic Water Bottle Waste, Tackling Dehydration In The Workplace

Dec. 17, 2018

With studies showing sales of plastic water bottles at an all-time high, the headlines continue on the devastating effects of plastic pollution. All while studies show that 80% of the U.S. workforce is under hydrated daily. FloWater announces that it has saved 100-million single-use plastic water bottles from the environment since its launch in 2013. Beyond this positive impact on the environment, survey outcomes show that where FloWater Refill Stations are integrated into the workplace users are substantially more hydrated, productive, energetic and experience more restful sleep.

Incubated in Silicon Valley, FloWater is disrupting the bottled water industry with a distributed and de-centralized water purification system that takes any potable tap water and transforms it into “bottled water” on tap—without the plastic. Surveys also show that, with FloWater, organizations are saving money while providing a sustainable water solution that employees and students prefer to bottled water and to standard tap water from conventional water fountains, jugs, and coolers.

FloWater customers include some of the leading, wellness-minded companies across the U.S., including: Microsoft, Red Bull, Airbnb prAna, Dr. Bronner, Nixon Watches, and lululemon stores in Arizona. As well, thousands of hotels, gyms, schools, and concert venues in nearly 50 states are providing a new experience with water, one that brings consumers back to the tap and eliminates destructive plastics.

At one national retailer, where FloWater Refill Stations have replaced a traditional water system in employee break rooms at 10 stores, 76% of the employees have reported increased water consumption. At lululemon stores in Arizona, Assistant Store Manager, Megan Davis, says, “After placing FloWater Refill Stations in our store offices early this summer, our employees reported in a survey a significant impact on their health: 76.5% reported an increase in energy and 44% were less fatigued. 50% felt more productive and 44.1% reported they were sleeping better at night.”

FloWater has re-engineered tap water as we know it with its new-tech 7x purification system that extracts contaminants and harsh chemicals from tap water and delivers fast-flowing, purified and chilled water that has also been oxygenated and revitalized with electrolytes and trace minerals for better hydration. A coconut carbon filter ‘finishes’ the water for a better taste. User surveys also show that 8 out of 10 users prefer FloWater over premium bottled water brands, and that, on an installed basis, FloWater Refill stations generally cost less than traditional water fountains and five-gallon jugs.

FloWater Co-Founder and CEO Rich Razgaitis sees a different future for water delivery throughout the world, one that provides de-centralized and distributed water production that reduces operating costs for businesses, stores, fitness centers and schools, all while eliminating plastic waste and improving our drinking water. “Our outcome data from locations all over the country where FloWater Refill Stations are deployed shows significant cost-savings, better hydration and reduced soda consumption—all without the plastic,” says Razgaitis.

About FloWater

Incubated in Silicon Valley, FloWater has re-invented the ‘water cooler’ to wean US companies off the plastic water bottles they serve to their employees and customers. FloWater is already working with the likes of Microsoft, Red Bull, PrAna and Airbnb as well as with thousands of hotels, gyms, schools, and concert venues in nearly 50 states on a new drinking water experience. Since its launch in 2013, FloWater has eliminated the need for more than 100-million plastic water bottles. More information at www.myflowater.com.