Holiday House Unveils Homeland Water Filters At OneShow

April 26, 2013

Holiday House Distributing unveiled its newest product line, Homeland Water Filters (TM), at the 2013 NAMA OneShow (Booth 729).  Homeland Water Filters represents the latest evolution in the water filtration industry, offering high-quality, cost-effective and user-friendly water filters, according to the company. The new line includes 14 of the most in-demand and often-used filters and is 100 percent manufactured in the U.S.

Holiday House Distributing partnered with Omnipure Filter Co., a leader in water filter manufacturing for more than 40 years, to create the new line of reliable and innovative filters. The line simplifies water filtration. Each filter is coded with a colored band so users can easily recognize its primary purpose, such as lead reduction, cyst reduction, lime scale reduction, chlorine and odor reduction (or all of these impurities), including bacteriostatic control, without having to read the filter label’s fine print.  

“We’ve taken our 30 plus years of expertise, along with Omnipure’s top-notch engineering and manufacturing capabilities, to design water filters specifically for the OCS, vending, coffee and water industries, that are made to our specifications and NSF certification standards,” said Butch Winkler, president of Holiday House Distributing, in a prepared statement. “Homeland Water Filters are manufactured with the same attention to quality and reliability as the industry’s best water filters.”

Customers purchasing Homeland Water Filters do not need to replace entire water filtration systems. The filters are manufactured to fit all Homeland heads and other common heads, and as the filter line expands, it will continue to adapt to the market. Homeland Water Filters are stocked in all Holiday House Distributing warehouse locations in Chicago, Ill.; Los Angeles, Calif.; New York, N.Y.  and Canada.

“We did our homework and the results are A plus! We are thrilled to be able to take what we have learned over the years from our customers, plus their specific requests, and create better quality filters at an affordable price point,” said Winkler. “And because they are made in the U.S., we can ensure that our quality control, supply-chain logistics and inventory management are top of the line, all of which translates to better products and service for our customers.”

There are three series of Homeland Water Filters:

  • Coffee Brewing and Ice: This series includes five of the most standard filters, including two inline filters that provide fresh and clean water specifically for coffee and ice applications. All five filters reduce chlorine, unwanted taste and odor for high-quality beverage applications, are equipped with a bacteriostatic agent, KDF,TM and reduce lime scale to protect machine equipment.
  • Office Water and Vending: Homeland Water Filters’ largest line includes seven of the industry’s most in-demand filters, including a unique, sediment-only filter, all of which are ideal for office water and vending applications. Three specific cartridges reduce chlorine, unwanted taste and odor, lime scale, cyst and lead, and are equipped with a bacteriostatic control agent.
  • Espresso: This series introduces two water softening cartridges to reduce hardness in water that can cause minerals, such as calcium and magnesium, to build-up in espresso equipment. Both cartridges reduce lime scale and one additionally reduces chlorine, unwanted taste and odor. Replacement is quick and user-friendly, and internal equipment is never exposed to contamination. Espresso requires pure, sediment-free water and these filters provide the best cost-to-performance ratio.

Not only are customers receiving a premier line of filters, but with every purchase they directly help military families. Holiday House Distributing is donating a portion of all Homeland Water Filters proceeds to the Fisher HouseTM Foundation, Inc. Fisher House serves military families throughout the country with “comfort homes,” enabling family members to be close to an enlisted military loved one during hospitalization for an unexpected illness, disease or injury.


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