Insider Secrets To Offering Sparkling Water Equipment: Q&A With Karalynn McDermott

July 1, 2017

Water is more popular than ever. Thanks to new beverage equipment, it is becoming just as customizable as other beverages and driving consumption. Karalynn McDermott, senior vice president market development at BUNN, shares some of the ins and outs of successfully diversifying into sparkling water for the office coffee service provider. Why is diversifying OCS offerings into sparkling water so important?

Karalynn McDermott: There is a move by consumers for more water consumption to meet their goals for personal well being. Each goal number is unique to the individual – can vary between 150 ounces to 250 daily ounces. The office worker is now traveling with a refillable bottle and fills it frequently during the day. That means that during the office day – office workers dispensing a lot of Sparkling Water into their Nalgene®, Swell ®, and Yetti® bottles! The capacity of chilled water from the equipment is very important. The flow rate and burst capacity need to be reviewed to make sure they are sized correctly to meet the need to fill large containers of the office workers. How can an operator be sure to meet the needs of a location?

KM: Be aware of the goals of the firm for sustainability. Are they looking to reduce the amount of plastic water bottles that they recycle? Also, be aware of the desire for firms to offer sparkling water, which will be perceived as a premium offering. Sparkling chilled water can increase the consumption of water in the office. How often should OCS needs be evaluated?

KM: Quarterly or annually review the initiatives of your customer. Do they include sustainability or employee wellness initiatives that could incorporate new or more robust water programs? How can sparking water be part of up-selling?

KM: Offices want to support the wellness plans for their workers. By offering a company branded reusable water bottle employees receive a gift they can use daily this gives great branding for the firm.

Add syrups to the station that are healthy and give the employee the ability to craft their water with fruit or citrus. How can operators take their need list and find solutions from you and other suppliers?

KM: On the Need List – look 5 years down the road and make a plan to support the equipment. Research if it can be refurbished. Water consumption is dependent on great tasting water, learn how the equipment will alert the operator when filters need to be changed.