Cantaloupe Announces Cloud, Mobile OCS Software With Paperless Invoicing, Online Ordering

April 1, 2014

Cantaloupe Systems announced Seed Delivery, a Seed Office add-on that manages office coffee service (OCS) and other delivery operations.

Seed Delivery eliminates problems that plague traditional OCS management systems that rely on on-premise servers and antiquated handhelds that are cumbersome and inefficient for drivers to use. Traditional OCS software also relies heavily on paper, even for invoicing customers who must scan those invoices back into digital form when submitting to accounting. Finally, if operators want to leverage e-commerce capabilities that customers often prefer, traditional OCS software requires complex and expensive IT integrations to enable online ordering, according to the release. Seed Delivery solves these and many other challenges for operators.

“We moved our business to Seed Office last year, and we love the new integrated OCS features,” said Bradlee Whitson, 3rd-generation vending operator and operations manager of K&R Vending in Bridgeton, N.J., in a prepared statement. “Seed Delivery only took a few minutes to learn and was easy to set up.  Now our employees can enter orders, view invoices and adjust pricing from anywhere using their iPads.  We also see built-in online ordering as a great opportunity—we can reduce entry labor and mistakes, while at the same time our customers can order products online.”

Features of Seed Delivery include:

  • Seed Mobile – the award-winning Seed Mobile driver handheld app for iPhones, iPads and under-$300 iPod Touch devices has been extended to support delivery workflows as well as vending.  With just a few taps and swipes on the mobile device, delivery orders can be entered, edited and picked.  Just like Seed Mobile for vending, Seed Mobile used for delivery is fast and easy to use, with driver training taking only a few minutes.
  • Paperless Invoicing – With an easy-to-use “Sign Here with your Finger” signature capture screen, Seed Delivery records delivery receipt signatures directly on the Seed Mobile device and can immediately email the signed delivery invoice to the recipient, eliminating the need for paper invoices and their associated labor, printing and postage costs.
  • Online Ordering – Operators can create a customized online ordering Website that’s branded with the operator’s logo and contact information.  The operator’s customers can then log into the site and enter orders and download invoices.
  • Pricing Plans – Pricing can be customized for each customer or delivery location, or standardized across multiple customers.  Pricing can be updated dynamically to guarantee a desired gross profit margin, or specific prices can be set by item or category.
  • Mixed OCS/Vending Route Support – Vending and OCS stops can be combined on the same routes. Reporting, scheduling, pre-picking, Service Desk and other Seed Cloud features all work seamlessly across both vending and OCS.

“As Seed Office has been widely adopted among vending operators, we’ve heard a consistent request: ‘We love how Seed Office makes my vending business easier. Can you do the same thing for my OCS too?’  So last year we set our focus on delivering a solution to replace antiquated OCS software with a modern and efficient alternative,” said Justin Grant, vice president of product management at Cantaloupe Systems. “Seeing the K&R team leverage cloud and mobile technologies through our new Seed Delivery product reaffirms our belief and continued commitment that cloud and mobile based solutions are a winning bet for our customers.”


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