Three Square Market Launches Daily Kup, Point Of Sale Technology

Oct. 18, 2013

Three Square Market announced the release of its newest point of sale solution, The Daily Kup.  This technology will allow office coffee service operators a solution for the changing coffee tastes of consumers while capturing sales currently leaving to the convenience store or major coffee retail locations, according to the release.

The Daily Kup, found at and on both the Android and iPhone smart phone app stores, mirrors the sales process performed by Three Square Market. Operators will be able to offer a wide array of coffee flavors and drinks using an affordable coffee machine, whether it be a Keurig or similar type K-cup dispenser or similar coffee drink machine, and use the Daily Kup kiosk or smart phone apps to facilitate the sale.

"Coffee tastes have gone from the basic coffee choices of regular or decaf, to a wide variety of flavors, drink types, temperatures and more," said Todd Westby, CEO of Daily Kup's parent company, TW Vending, in a prepared statement.  "OCS operators for years have been losing sales from these new flavors to outside providers, whether it be the 7-Eleven or Starbucks.  They had no means to buy a machine that would provide them a ROI (return on investment) and a quality drink, and charge for it, until now."

The Daily Kup kiosk will cost less than $1,000 and when combined with a quality drink dispenser, an OCS provider should be able to provide an upgraded coffee service to many of its clients. "We looked at this market and similar to micro markets, saw a market saturated with high priced equipment that does not provide an acceptable ROI," added TW Vice President Patrick McMullan.  "OCS and vending operators are not looking for another mortgage payment for these kiosks - they are looking for a quality piece of technology that uses all of the latest advances such as smart phone apps for both point of sale and inventory management to capture sales and efficiency at a price that provides them a return on their investment," added McMullan.  "Daily Kup, like Three Square, provides that."

Daily Kup users will be able to have their high quality beverage made by a machine that Daily Kup is working on with several providers. Customers will be able to load money on to their coffee account either on-line, at the Daily Kup kiosk or using their smart phone. They will be able to watch their drink being made and quickly pay for their product using the Daily Kup kiosk or smart phone app, all in a matter of seconds.

"Operators are already finding this as a game saver for their OCS accounts," noted Westby.  "Our initial clients in the Twin Cities are finding this to be the solution they have long sought."