Report Examines Soluble Coffee Market

June 14, 2012
Research and Markets has announced the addition of the "The Global Soluble Coffee Market" report.

Research and Markets has announced the addition of the "The Global Soluble Coffee Market" report.

This report published by J. Ganes Consulting will look at instant coffee which has been magically transformed into a hot and hip new beverage category offering convenience and taste to consumers. The instant coffee sector has had an extreme makeover which has revived this product category after years of stagnation. Traditional soluble consumption from the little glass jars or bright orange packets is still on the decline in the developed markets of the US and Europe, but has been reinvented into a wide arrange of beverage choices that have upscale market appeal.

Beverage manufacturers have continued to roll out new products that use instant coffee as the basis for their drinks taking advantage of a developing passion for anything that can boast it has coffee flavoring. Instant coffee is also the passport that has opened the channels for traditional tea drinkers to sample and switch their drinking preferences to coffee. While instant coffee may be the entry ticket in, consumers trading up instant for an even better cup put additional pressure on manufacturers to develop a quality product to retain customer loyalty.

Soluble coffee manufacture remains highly concentrated with a few international companies maintaining a firm stronghold in what some still consider, perhaps erroneously, a niche market. The barriers to entry remain numerous.

Opportunities, nonetheless, still abound for continued expansion of this product category. Key countries to focus on include, but are not limited to, China and India.

One third of the instant coffee produced at origin is consumed domestically. There is room for additional growth.

Key Topics Covered:

1) Global Coffee Market Supply and Demand Overview

2) Instant Coffee Segments

3) Major Instant Coffee Markets

4) Consumer Trends and Preferences

5) Potential Clients' Location and Size

6) Competitors (Industry Concentration, Geographic Spread and Size)

7) Prices

8) Emerging Markets and Opportunities for Growth

9. Appendix

Companies Mentioned

- Nescafe

- Kraft

- Walmart

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