Chobani Plant-Based Coffee Creamers unveiled this week

Jan. 13, 2022

New from the famed Greek yogurt maker are Chobani Plant-Based Coffee Creamers, which blend plant-based ingredients to create a rich, creamy and dairy-like product.

Chobani nondairy creamers are available now in four flavors: Sweet & Creamy, French Vanilla, Chocolate Hazelnut and Caramel Macchiato.

The new plant-based creamers build on Chobani's growing coffee creamer platform, which include dairy- and oat-based lines made with preservative-free and non-GMO ingredients. They are made with all plant-based ingredients that are vegan-friendly, dairy- and lactose-free, and contain no artificial flavors, sweeteners or preservatives.

"With this expansion, we offer better options with something for everyone – creamers made from oat, farm-fresh dairy, or plant-based ingredients," said Chobani president and COO Peter McGuinness.

Chobani entered the coffee creamer category in 2019 with dairy-based coffee creamers and then followed with a line made from oats.


Chobani LLC
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