Whole Earth Sweetener Co.® Expands Portfolio To Meet Demand For Natural And Keto-Friendly Sweeteners

March 28, 2019

CHICAGO, March 28, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Whole Earth Sweetener Company, maker of the natural sweetener brand Whole Earth®, is introducing three new, keto-friendly products to their portfolio available in grocery retailers and e-commerce, including a line of Stevia & Monk Fruit Liquid Sweeteners, Stevia Leaf & Monk Fruit Cubes, 100% Erythritol sweetener pouches. The news comes on the heels of rapid growth for the nearly three-year old brand, which has steadily grown a loyal consumer following since the initial introduction in 2016.

"Many consumers today are choosing more, wellness-focused approaches to their health, as we've seen in the rise of the reduced and no sugar, plant-based and keto trends driving the popularity of Whole Earth," said Emily Josephson, Whole Earth Senior Brand Manager. "In fact, 2018 was the first year consumers spent more on natural sugar substitutes than artificial1, so we're focused on developing products that tap into this demand and help consumers maintain their lifestyles without sacrificing on sweetness and flavor."

Whole Earth zero calorie sweetener is one of the only natural sweeteners of its kind in the market, with its unique blend that includes stevia leaf and monk fruit extracts. Since launching, Whole Earth has quickly expanded its portfolio to accommodate ever-evolving consumer lifestyles, most recently focusing on innovations aligned to the most Googled diet of 2018 – keto.  The brand now boasts a line of nine varieties, the majority of which are keto diet-friendly, including three new products launching this year:

  • Whole Earth Stevia & Monk Fruit Liquid Sweetener: This liquid sweetener was created with just a few, simple ingredients: organic agave nectar, stevia leaf and monk fruit extracts, water, and natural flavor in the vanilla and raspberry varieties. These great-tasting sweeteners have no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives. Available in Original, Vanilla and Raspberry flavors, and packed in convenient flip-top bottles, they're a great way to sweeten drinks with just a squeeze, either at home or on the go.
  • Whole Earth Stevia Leaf & Monk Fruit Cubes: Whole Earth is bringing back the "sugar" cube but without the sugar. These crafted cubes are one of the first zero calorie, no sugar cubes made with stevia leaf and monk fruit extracts, and come packed in a convenient and recyclable tin.
  • Erythritol (keto diet-friendly): This new Whole Earth single-ingredient product has zero calories, zero sugar, and zero net carbs. It's similar to the erythritol that can be found naturally in many fruits, such as pears and melons. Erythritol is keto-diet friendly, great for baking and a great alternative to sugar, given its similar texture and sweet taste. It is available in a 4-lb or 1-lb resealable pouch.

The full Whole Earth portfolio of sweeteners is available at a variety of grocery and online retailers around the country. Additionally, Whole Earth Stevia Leaf & Monk Fruit packets are available in restaurants, food service venues and coffee shops, including Starbucks®. For more information, including a store locator, visit www.wholeearthsweetener.com.


Whole Earth is a brand of Whole Earth Sweetener Company LLC., headquartered in Chicago, Ill. The company is passionate about making life sweeter with simple, honest, delicious sweeteners sourced from the earth. Whole Earth has a growing portfolio of products, all adhering to its natural standard and non-GMO Project Verified. For more information, visit wholeearthsweetener.com.  

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