SpendEdge: Stevia Market Growth Stable, But Threatened

Oct. 4, 2018

SpendEdge’s report on the stevia market predicts a stable growth owing to the extensive usage of the low-calorie stevia sweeteners. But this growth might suffer a setback due to the availability of other low-calorie sweeteners such as advantame, aspartame, and sucralose. Adding to this is the bitter aftertaste of stevia that has been a major concern for buyers in the beverage industry. Read the free sample report to know more about the complete scope of this comprehensive market report. 

“Investors from the food and beverage industry should opt for suppliers who can provide consistent, safe, and high-quality stevia products,” says SpendEdge procurement expert A Kowshik. 

Our procurement experts have highlighted the essential parameters that will facilitate the development of a profitable and competitive procurement strategy: 

  • Buyers should adopt commodity procurement strategies that outline the actions to be followed in managing the commodity over a long-term 
  • Prior to making a full order, buyers should ask suppliers to ship a sample of both the liquid and powdered forms of stevia since they are required for different food products 
  • Buy the full report and get instant access to all the parameters that have been tested by the leading brands in the stevia market. 

Editor's Insight: Since sugar alternatives are used in coffee and tea, it's important for office coffee service operators to be aware of current and upcoming sweetener trends.