365 Debuts Redesign For 365Pay App

365 Retail Markets’ operators have asked for new ways to connect with consumers across the automatic retail industry as micro markets’ share of the space expands, and 365 has responded.

The newly redesigned 365Pay app, which will launch this summer, allows mobile checkout and provides consumers with an innovative experience.

“This 365Pay app redesign recognizes that paradigm shift and empowers our operators to take their customer experience to the next level,” said Ryan McWhirter, director of product for 365.

Redesign brings enhanced navigation, targeted promotions

McWhirter said the first thing operators will notice about the newly redesigned app is the enhanced navigation experience.

“We’ve moved the most popular areas of the app from a “hamburger menu” on the side, to tabs along the bottom of the app,” he said. “This makes exploring and switching between areas of the app quicker and easier.”

Another change is the brand-new “Home” tab.

“While the tab maintains the account balance feature and the QR code, consumers scan at 365’s Gen3 Kiosk, the 365 nanomarket ™, AirVend and ReadyTouch devices, the emphasis is now on connecting with consumers in a whole new way,” McWhirter said.

“Thanks to 365’s partnership with Advana, 365Pay is now able to deliver curated promotions and brand content to consumers at relevant times throughout their day,” he said. “This allows consumers to be made aware of new products and participate in ‘point boosts’ where the 365Pay loyalty program is enabled. We believe this relevant and rotating content makes the 365Pay app much more of a destination than ever before!”

365 also has added an “Inbox” tab to master consumer engagement with this redesign.

“While the Home tab is sure to provide the most relevant and current offers at any moment, Inbox is an additional area that operators can leverage to engage with consumers via push notifications and rich, interactive content,” McWhirter said.

Additional new features, including payroll deduct and consumer surveys, are lined up to come later in 2019 and beyond.

A boon for customer service

With the new app, 365 enables operators to instantly connect with their consumers. Operators can share promotions and new products with consumers directly and in real time, maximizing consumer participation.

“We’ve also improved our ‘Contact Us’ and in-app refund capabilities to make as much of the experience fast and self-service, allowing operators to focus on their clients and less on the administration,” McWhirter said.

With these changes, 365 brings forth an enhanced tool that will contribute to automatic retail industry operators’ ability to have outstanding customer service.

“The redesigned 365Pay app is a destination that allows operators to connect with their consumers like never before, allowing for immediate feedback, operator awareness and the beginning of a new age in foodservice management,” McWhirter said.


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