3 Things You Can’t Miss At The 365 NAMA Booth This Year

The team at 365 Retail Markets is aiming high this year. The convenience services industry will see innovation in nearly every area as the Michigan-based micro market provider launches new products and pioneers new services. No place is better to explore what's out there than at the NAMA Show, happening in Las Vegas, NV from April 24 to 26, 2019. 365 is making their booth a must-see at this stellar event.  

“Our theme this year at NAMA, and company-wide, is to 'rocket to 100,'” explains Linde Hutson, Director of Marketing and Communications for 365. That means earning 100 percent satisfaction from 365 customers, maintaining a 100 percent commitment to innovation and being 100 percent devoted to helping operators grow. "These are all things we as a company strive for," she adds.

Both current and potential micro market operators will want to stop over to see how 365 is going above and beyond. 

1.Out of this world graffiti wall  

At NAMA, 365 is visually representing their “rocket to 100” message with an out-of-this-world graffiti wall.  

It's an attraction at the NAMA Show that will be unlike any other. Attendees will enjoy this one-of-a-kind design by taking selfies/photos in front of it and sharing on social media for a chance to win a reality headset.

"The graffiti wall is an excellent visual example of how our 365 Exclusive Partnerships can take operators' businesses to the next level," explains Hutson. Visit their booth and get an up-close look at the most exciting tech on the show floor. 

2.The uncharted PicoMarket 

The team at 365 is unveiling their newest piece of micro market technology, the PicoMarket(TM). This MicroMarket system offers the restricted access operators have been asking for to control theft and the ability to expand into more location types and sizes. It pushes the limits of what is possible in the unattended food service space. At NAMA, operators will be able to take a journey through all its extraordinary features, including:

  • Interactive dynamic touchscreen display   
  • Lock compatibility with coolers
  • Extended hours of market operation
  • ADM connections for consolidated reporting, promos and more
  • Service for semi-public areas
  • GMA account and Credit Cards/NFC acceptance
  • Network connection via Cellular, Ethernet or WiFi
  • DEX and MDB Compatibility

"This new device brings innovative convenience to our customers with its versatile hardware, compatibility with vending, and control of access areas," explains Hutson. "PicoMarket allows operators to unlock fresh opportunities and reach consumers in more ways by extending their reach into new locations."   

3. Trail-blazing partnership opportunities   

Each business is unique. Goals of the management, client needs, desired growth rate and more all set each operation apart from the next.

"That’s why we provide powerful partnerships that cater to operators and their business needs," explains Hutson. "We align with our partners' objectives and goals and focus on the success and growth of each operators' business, together."

NAMA provides the one-on-one opportunity to boldly go beyond a provider-customer relationship and form a strategic partnership. Whether it's expanding the vending operations into micro markets or growing the number of locations and same store sales, 365 offers the personal attention that can get it done.

"The convenience technology industry is growing around the globe and partnership is your key to the future," says Hutson. "We work with partners by aligning with their unique goals, objectives and future plans."

This industry is about more than just vending machines or micro markets. Operators need more than just a technology company. Thankfully, 365 is a global convenience partner that can help foodservice businesses blast off. Visit 365 at NAMA booth #1303