4 Ways the Right Micro Market Options Will Help Boost Healthy Sales

If being healthy is one of your New Year’s resolutions, it’s most likely on your customers list as well. Provide your clients with an easy way to maintain their goals at work with healthy micro markets options.

Micro markets can help operators support locations health initiatives by providing fresh and healthy food 24-7.

When discussing healthy food options with your customers, be sure to keep in mind these ways of how micro markets can make eating healthy at work easier:

Customize kiosk buttons

Fresh food, such as fruit, is one of the top healthy offerings. However, it lacks a barcode to be scanned at a self-checkout kiosk. The 365 Retail Markets kiosk makes fresh food easy to include in a micro market thanks to customizable menu buttons made just for items that don’t have barcodes. The experience of buying fresh is now quick and easy for consumers.

Utilize digital promotions

Promote the healthy products in your micro market with discounts, bundling and marketing. 365 Retail Markets recently partnered with Advana— a next-generation marketing platform to give brands and advertisers unprecedented access to engage captive and qualified audiences at the point of purchase— to easily bring promotions to people at work.

Promotions help get products in front of people at the right times during their workday. It’s important to not only think about the food your stocking in your markets, but how you’re going to let customers know what’s there for them to enjoy.

Another way to utilize promotions in micro markets is through 365’s ADM backend platform. With this feature you can easily setup product promotions on your kiosks. You can also use it to create weekly sales for fresh items or long-running discount programs. Create excitement at your micro markets and ensure everyone knows how your micro market can meet their need for healthy eating.

Review sales and inventory data

There’s nothing better than having a platform that helps you manage your business in one place. With 365’s upgraded backend system, ADM, not only can you create product menus, you’ll enjoy real-time reporting, inventory management, easy to understand dashboards, and more.

Having an innovative backend platform is just as important as having an innovative frontend system. Having the right capabilities and reporting will help you understand what healthy items customers are enjoying and repurchasing.

Partner with strategic leader

One of the many advantages of partnering with a large micro market provider is benefiting from their insight. 365 is leading the way in strategic partnerships with many industry leaders. Their exclusive partnerships focus on the success and growth of their clients and align with many organizations’ objectives and goals.

By partnering with a global leader, you will be able to stay current with micro market and food trends, along with working together on delivering what’s best for your customers.


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