The Skinny on Fresh Foods

Consumer demand for healthy, fresh food is not a trend set to die out anytime soon. In fact, according to a 2014 Technomic study, “health is an important snack selection factor for half (50%) of adults.” We spoke to Lifestyle Foods and Southern Refreshment Services to get the skinny on why fresh food is essential to your MicroMarket business.

“In the fast-paced business world, everyone is looking for fast, healthy, but still tasty options for lunch. Fresh food has become a must.” says Chris Hart, Director of MicroMarkets for Southern Refreshment Services, an award-winning vending and MicroMarket operator. "By having the MicroMarket, it opens up a whole new world of more options available to your business than ever before, with just vending machines alone.”

Operators are actively seeking out reputable health food companies, such as Lifestyle Foods, to provide premium options to MicroMarket consumers. Lifestyle Foods makes a wide range of pre-packaged healthy snacks and meals using “clean” ingredients to keep their foods free of preservatives, and abundant with nutrition and taste.

“Consumers are becoming more knowledgeable and are looking for something fresh, healthy, and unprocessed,” says Adam Deardorff of Lifestyle Foods.

Still not convinced? Here are five more reasons why fresh food is essential to growing your MicroMarket business.

1.    Give your customers what they want! According to Technomic, 78% of consumers are making a strong effort to eat more fresh options instead of processed foods.

2.    Support your locations’ health and wellness initiatives. With fresh options, companies can offer incentives to their employees when they purchase healthier foods.

3.    Diversify your product offerings. Lifestyle Foods has noticed an increased interest in fresh “Lean Cuisine-like” meals.

4.    Fresh foods account for up to 15-20% of operator sales. Southern Refreshment reveals that offering lunch and breakfast options (such as sandwiches, salads, and breakfast burritos), can increase sales by keeping employees in the office, buying more of your products instead of visiting outside restaurants and cafes.

5.    Appeal to consumers with diet restrictions. “There is a high demand for vegetarian and vegan selections that we can now easily accommodate as well,” says Hart.