MicroMarket Grand Openings – It’s A Party

Congratulations! You are installing your first MicroMarket location. You made the leap to add MicroMarkets to you product offerings and presented a compelling case to your customers as to why they need MicroMarkets in their office. But your job isn’t done. Being a successful MicroMarket Operator goes beyond installing the kiosk and setting up the market – it’s not just one and done.

Pre-Opening/Soft Opening

Ask your future customers to complete a brief survey to gather demographic information, shopping preferences to get a “lay of the land.” Encourage informal tours of the market before the launch and then prepare for a Soft Opening. This is the dress rehearsal for the Grand Opening. Invite a small group into the market to test the product.

• Does the flow of your market make sense?

• Is your signage effective or confusing?

• Is the system functioning properly?

These are all things to take note of and address BEFORE the Grand Opening to limit day-of mishaps. Added bonus: The word-of-mouth publicity you’ll get if the customers are impressed.

Grand Opening

Your Grand Opening is your official introduction to the site location’s customers and you want to make a great first impression that you can carry on throughout the relationship.

Here’s how you plan an awesome Grand Opening!

1. Make it a BIG deal!

Excite your future customers with signs announcing the new market. Be sure to include prudent information such as the opening date and time. Then on the day of the opening, hold a ribbon cutting ceremony. Their breakroom has gotten a makeover, making it an entirely new experience for them. Play that up!

2. Promotions

Run a BOGO special, discount items or hold a raffle for those who create their market accounts on the first day. One of the best things you can do when introducing people to a new product or concept is to give them a deal. Aren’t you more willing to try something new if you know it won’t cost a lot?

3. Product Tastings

Hosting a tasting contributes to the festive atmosphere and introduces your customers to great products that they may not have tried on their own. Plus, people love free food!

A few things to remember:

• Be sure to have at least one member of your staff present during the Grand Opening. This is not a time to be distant from your customers. Having a staff member there ensures that there is a knowledgeable person on-hand to help customers set up their account, properly explain what MicroMarkets are, etc.

• Signage is very important! Everyone will not be able to make it to the Grand Opening. Consider placing wing cards on the kiosks detailing how to set up their market account and how to fund their account. Be sure to include your customer support information.

Now that you’ve successfully launched the market, remember that MicroMarkets are not a sprint – you have to be in it for the long haul. Plan promotions and events around holidays or major sporting events. Super Bowl party anyone? Also, quarterly customer satisfaction surveys will let your customers know that you are invested in their needs.