Product Spotlight: Product Intelligence Analysis

Nov. 29, 2015

Are YOU getting the Maximum Profit and Customer Satisfaction from your Micro Market Operations and Product Assortments?

Hospitality Business Analytics can quickly examine your Micro Market performance, by category assortment, utilizing its proprietary PRODUCT INTELLIGENCE software. The analysis is conducted by market location and aggregated for comprehensive impact.

The RESULTS will identify those products that are STARS (popular and profitable) as well as those that require “tweaking” or “replacing”.

It is recommended that a Product Intelligence analysis be conducted over a period of 90 consecutive days to generate sufficient data for analysis and meaningful findings. A Product Intelligence report provides the following insights:

  • Item Analyses – SKUs, by category, separated into standard data analytic groupings (Stars Puzzles, Plowhorses and Dogs) reflecting percentage of sales mix and contribution margins within each product category.
  • Chart Analyses – technique enabling evaluation of current product offerings per category and guidance for initiating appropriate changes to the product mix.
  • Dashboard Analyses – recognition of appropriate pricing as measured against price points and midpoint analysis where med category values are used to benchmark item costs, pricing and contribution margins.
  • Graphic Analyses-quadrant analysis based on sales mix and product contribution margin-to illustrate analytic groupings and indicate product improvements.

From this information you can then make informed managerial decisions relative to each product offering. 365 has TEAMED up with Hospitality Business Analytics to offer this exclusive Product Intelligence Service to its micro market customers. There is a discounted 365 fee for all customers electing this service. To find out more, go to and register for this service.

  • Enhance product profitability while increasing customer satisfaction!
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