Quality Talks: The Importance of Producing Quality Products and How it Affects Your Business

Oct. 30, 2015

A positive customer experience begins with a quality product. A product that is sturdy, clean and high performing is how a successful business turns a one-time customer into a lifetime customer. At 365 Retail Markets, the quality of our products is front and center. We have a dedicated, in-house production team (pictured above) that rigorously inspects every kiosk before it leaves our warehouse. Our customers can trust that every kiosk that is shipped will pass our 30-point inspection.

“The Hardware Team at 365 is the best in the industry, hands down.  The amount of care and effort they put into delivering a reliable, quality product as well as their ability to keep up with the high demand for our payment centers, is something that I am very proud of,” said Joe Hessling, chief executive officer, “As the person that hand built the first 100 units we sold I can say that the team is obsessed with quality assurance checks, down to each cable.  It is more than impressive." 

“Everything that goes into a kiosk, whether it’s the computer or a metal bracket is checked for quality, fit, alignment and functionality,” said Jeff Horstman, production manager, “Every part is checked out of the box, as it goes into the machine and as a built unit.”

Why are we so thorough? You wouldn’t trust your car’s maintenance to Shady McPhee who has little training and even less integrity would you? At 365, all of our Production Specialists are trained in the best practices for building our hardware. 

“We take real pride in our work,” said Horstman, “the team operates with the mentality of ‘that’s my kiosk…I built that kiosk.’”  As a result, our customers can be confident that each kiosk will be delivered intact and fully operational and backed by at least a one-year warranty.

But the buck doesn’t stop there! A big part of what makes 365 unique and successful is the cross-departmental communications that are initiated to better serve our customers. Our Production and Support teams communicate constantly to identify issues that can be solved during the production process and lessen the number of cases Support has to resolve for a given issue, enabling us to attack problems from both ends and find effective solutions.

It is that level of pride and commitment that ensures that our products not only look good and that they are performance-ready from the moment they leave our warehouse.  

A quality product speaks for itself. And if you’d like to speak to one of our qualified sales representatives about our offerings, give us a call! We’re waiting by the phone!

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What do we look for before we ship out our kiosks?

Part 1: Custom Metal Pieces

• All custom metals pieces are vetted for proper size, shape and angle of bends.

Part 2: Technology Components

  • Webcam
  • Fingerprint Reader
  • Barcode Scanner
  • Touchscreen
  • Computer
  • Router
  • Credit Card Reader
  • Sound Bar

Each component is custom calibrated, configured and double-checked prior to placement into the unit and again after.  The team then validates functionality.

Part 3: Graphic User Interface

Check software functionality

• Software and firmware installation and updates

• Initial Staging Process

Before every unit leaves production, a final 30-point inspection is conducted to ensure that our standards our met (and we’re picky!).