Food Service Violations Plague Wellesley, Mass. School

Wellesley, Mass. health officials found more food service violations at Wellesley Middle School, in a followup inspection after discovering problems last week in the handling and temperature of cafeteria food, according to The Boston Globe in Boston, Mass. For the full story, click here

Editor’s Insight: The fact that a well established school foodservice contractor has done such a miserable job reflects very poorly on the contract foodservice industry. The reason that schools hire contractors is because they can do a better job than operating their own foodservice program.

In today’s economy, no foodservice company should tolerate anything less than first rate performance from their employees. There are many well qualified employees in all industries looking for work. Foodservice and refreshment service companies are in a position to expect the best possible commitment from employees. 09-09-11 by Elliot Maras