Vending Technology Podcast: Cashless Provides New Marketing Strategies For Vending

Vending operators can take advantage of new marketing strategies today, thanks to the groundwork that has been laid in recent years, according to John Powell, a cashless vending veteran and consultant. In an interview with Elliot Maras, editor of Automatic Merchandiser Magazine, Powell says cashless vending has proven to be an excellent selling tool for vending operators, especially when the operators are looking to raise prices.

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Editor’s Insight: Vending operators should pay attention to the suggestion that they offer new technology to customers when seeking higher product prices. Operators can also offer new technology in exchange for lower commissions in accounts that get commissions.

Many location decision makers are interested in new ways to improve the vending service. Most will recognize that new technologies require an additional investment. 07-25-11 by Elliot Maras