AdvancePierre Foods

AdvancePierre Steak-EZE Philly Style Steaks Cheesesteak Sandwich

AdvancePierre Foods announced that its popular Steak-EZE Philly Style Steaks® line of handmade, individually wrapped sandwiches-will include a Philly Style Cheesesteak Sandwich. Using the highest quality of thinly sliced Philly style steak, and authentic Philly Cheesesteak hoagie buns, the Steak-EZE sandwiches provide the flavor and appeal of real Philadelphia Cheesesteaks. The Cheesesteak Sandwich includes thinly sliced Philly style beef and provolone cheese on an authentic hoagie bun.

Sandwiches are individually wrapped in cases of 12. They come packaged in either clear printed film or window butcher wrap. All Steak-EZE sandwiches offer a 14-day refrigerated shelf life.

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