Kraft Vending & OCS

Kraft Yield, Ease and Sustainability Dressing Packs

The KRAFT YES Pack is a revolutionary dressings package designed with easy handling and precision pouring in mind – all while delivering maximum product yield and minimal waste.

The YES Pack — which stands for Yield, Ease and Sustainability — provides foodservice operators with the same delicious KRAFT Dressings that customers rely on day-to-day, in innovative packaging that helps to manage costs and improve back-of-house efficiencies.

Unlike traditional rigid jugs, the game-changing design of the YES Pack eliminates the need for messy scraping and dangerous cutting. The easy-to-grip top and bottom handles and unique, smaller mouth provide faster, more accurate pouring with fewer spills. Operators can fill squeeze bottles and ramekins with greater ease and can easily carry up to eight YES Packs.

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