Landshire First Street Cafe Sandwiches

Landshire, Inc. introduces a new product line: First Street Café. This innovative sandwich line has the product appeal of a café sandwich yet can be found at a nearby. The First Street Café line of sandwiches are made with artisan baguettes and multi-grain fresh breads, premium sliced meats, salads, and natural cheeses all layered by hand and then wrapped in a clear deli film for a "just made" look and taste. The sandwiches have a seven day shelf life and will first be available in August 2011.

Varities include the First Street Café Swiss Club and American Club made using a multi-grain baguette topped with fresh oats. The British Club and Italian Club are made with a Baguette that is topped with shredded Asiago. Landshire flats, a variation on the traditional wedge sandwich, are wholesome with rolled oat and multi-grain fresh breads. Each sandwich is filled with appetizing, premium quality meats or salads and all natural Provolone, Monterey Jack or Cheddar cheeses.

For more information visit or call 314-925-4000.