Dippin' Dots Chillz Frozen Treat

Dippin' Dots announces a brand new product line coming this winter, Dippin' Dots Chillz(TM). Chillz is a non-fat, beaded product naturally sweetened with Truvia(TM). It's a healthier alternative to ice cream and was developed with schools in mind.
Chillz will be available in the following three flavors: Sour Blue Razz, Wango Rainbo and Chocolate. It will be sold in individual serving packages called a smack pack (same size as the prepack). It is a high-temp product, which will make it more versatile, but may also cause the Dots to stick together slightly. Just smack the pack and the clumps break apart.
This product will be ready for distribution by Feb. 1 2010. Please contact Debbie Hunt at 270-559-3427 or Caleb Watters at 618-615-3463.