Monogram Meat Snacks

Monogram Meat Snack NASCAR Beef Jerkey

Monogram Meat Snacks introduces NASCAR Intimidator Beef Jerky, a unique blend of flavorful spices and leans cuts of beef, smoked to tender perfection to create a beef jerky that will bring you racing back for more.
NASCAR Intimidator Beef Jerky comes in 3 delicious flavors: Hickory Smoked, Sweet & Hot Teriyaki, and Salt & Peppered. All made from lean cuts of steak, and packaged in a dynamic package featuring the legend himself, Dale Earnhardt, Sr. His Beef Jerky is made just the way Dale approached life... with passion and the highest expectations, using only the best ingredients! NASCAR Intimidator Jerky is slow cooked for hours, the old fashioned way. Made right here in the USA! There is a difference, and Monogram Meat Snacks invite you to taste it. For more information call 901-259-6646 or visit