Truco On The Border Southwest/Mexican Frozen Food

Truco Enterprises, the exclusive source of On The Border(r) brand of Southwest/Mexican retail food and drink mix products, is adding new selections of frozen dinners and appetizers.On The Border(r) Quesadilla, the blend of Mexican and American cheeses has been carefully balanced to achieve the perfect Tex-Mex combination for an authentic Mexican flavor that is palatable to the American customer.
On The Border(r) Deluxe Taquitos, the Premium Quality Taquitos are a complex mix of chicken, cheese, vegetables, and spices that are mixed in a carefully crafted proportion that provides a gourmet quality filling to an overstuffed taquito.
On The Border(r) Supreme Queso, the rich, intense American and cheddar cheese flavor coupled with a thick "dipable" texture provided by milk, cream and other ingredients describes the fabulous Premium Quality On The Border(r) Supreme Queso.
On The Border(r) Creamy White Queso with Spinach, the perfect blend of Monterey Queso and the finest Spinach combined with Chipotle Peppers gives this Premium Quality Spinach Queso a rich and hearty taste. For more information contact, or call 800-471-7723, ext 355.