USDA’s Smart Snacks Regulations: The Industry Stands Ready

(CHICAGO) June 30, 2014 – Following comprehensive preparation by the industry, operators are prepared to meet USDA’s Smart Snack regulations, with new nutrition standards for snack foods and beverages sold to children at school during the school day.

“We want to acknowledge our operators who have worked to understand these new regulations and we appreciate their role in leading the effort in schools,” said Eric Dell, NAMA’s Senior Vice President of Government Affairs.

“Adapting to changing regulations and consumer trends is nothing new to our operators, and it is impressive that our operators, suppliers and brokers have been working together to meet the challenge head on,” he continued.

According to NAMA, the industry has been positioning itself for success for many years in this regard.

“Our industry has been a leader in providing nutrition information to customers since 2005 with the progressive FitPick nutrition program,” said Roni Moore, NAMA’s Vice President of Marketing and Communications. 

“Through our operators, the program and its significance continues to grow.  New FitPick Select standards align with USDA Smart Snacks and we’re seeing an increase in orders for program materials.  The more FitPick Select labels and materials are featured, the more our industry’s commitment to nutrition is reinforced,” she continued.

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