BUNN Mobile Show Room: A Fresh Canvas For Beverage Innovation And Support

Implementing a profitable espresso beverage program that delights customers can be as easy as simply walking outside. In conjunction with launching the superautomatic Espress® Sure Tamp™ earlier this year, BUNN is making it easier than ever for customers with the debut of the Espress Mobile Showroom.

Any equipment investment requires a lot of research and assurance. Once in place, a profitable espresso program depends on engaged staff that aren’t afraid to fully maximize the investment of high-performing technologically-advanced equipment. The Espress Mobile Showroom provides a unique interactive environment for personal interactions with the Sure Tamp Steam, including the exclusive machine-to-machine communication feature, at locations throughout the country while having the ability to book these demonstrations based on the operator’s schedule.

The Espress Mobile Showroom also allows staff to engage with the equipment in locations convenient to everyone, where the innovative features of Espress Sure Tamp can be fully explored:

- Picture Prompted Cleaning™ on the BUNN Espress Sure Tamp is a new approach to the daily requirement of great drink execution. The large touchscreen displays high resolution photograph tutorials (not illustrations) to guide the operator step-by-step through a proper seven-minute cleaning technique.

- BUNNlink® Wellness Program minimizes equipment downtime and maximizes profits with a progressive, cloud-based service support. Both routine and on-demand maintenance is coordinated with proprietary machine-to-machine (M2M) communication that enables remote monitoring, configuration and management of geographically disbursed equipment.

- BUNN Espress Sure Tamp is engineered to accommodate two milk types along with cold and hot froth. Sure Tamp’s exclusive design assures tight espresso pucks and top shot quality with its all-metal construction and proximity sensor to assure correct compaction and precise tamping pressure for each puck. It also features a unique process that protects the motor.

To learn more about the Espress Mobile Showroom, please visit our BUNN Espress Blog or BUNN.com/espresso or email Contact.Us@bunn.com.