Throwback Thursday: Top 10 Reasons We Got Into Vending

Retired vending operator and Automatic Merchandiser/ contributor Dominic Finelli, shares a tongue-in-cheek flashback from his time as president of the MD/DC Vending Association.

Top Ten Reasons We Got Into Vending

10. Love hearing the coins jingle in our pockets

9. All the free stuff from the manufacturers

8. Enjoy hearing the words -show me the money-at the end of each day

7. The Bloody Mary's at the Annual meetings

6. Always wanted 46 keys on our key ring

5. Chicks love guys in uniform

4. All the questions in our life now get answered with--The Candyman Can

3. Two words-FREE TICKETS

2. Never have to buy Halloween candy

1. Didn't know how to do anything else