Breakroom Provisions Integrates Cashless Payment, Rewards Across Multiple Devices Using USAT Service

Micro market supplier Breakroom Provisions Company (BP), along with technology-partner ECR Software Corp. (ECRS), has announced advanced integration that will enable a single cashless payment and rewards platform across all terminals (kiosk, vending machine and point of sale) installed throughout a corporate facility.

This integration links ECRS terminals with USA Technologies, Inc. (USAT), specifically using USAT’s ePort Connect® “cashless payment and telemetry service.”  Vending operators will now be able to offer participants in MORE. – USAT’s loyalty and pre-paid program – the ability to pay and earn rewards throughout the entire facility. This offers added convenience, accountability and ease-of-use.

 “For Pepi, it was pretty simple; we have customers and consumers who have vending machines, micro markets and dining centers throughout their facility,” said president of The Pepi Companies, Vic Pemberton, in a prepared statement. “They asked for ONE card that would work in all areas. They asked and we listened. The ECRS development team, the BP team, and USA Technologies (USAT) stepped up and delivered. This type of collaborative spirit is critical to delivering what the market is demanding.  The ECRS developers realized the complexity involved in pulling this integration together, provided the resources needed to make this happen, and we now have the foundation to provide the convenience our customers were requesting.  It was exciting when I bought the first product using the Pepi MORE™ card through a micro market and a vending machine. This is just the tip of the iceberg.  There is so much more we can do as we focus on creating a convenient refreshment experience for our customers and consumers.”


Peter Catoe, president of ECRS, commented, “Vic Pemberton, of The Pepi Companies, was very instrumental in this integration effort.  Allowing vending operators to expand into micro markets while fully integrating with their existing investment in vending machines was Vic’s vision, and we agreed that this was needed within the industry. A fully integrated system allows the vending operator to install micro-markets, manual food service point of sales (POS) and vending machines, linking them together via the USAT payment mechanism. It means one card, one processor, one rate, one platform, and one accountability source.  It’s a simple yet powerful use of technology that provides the vending consumer with more convenience and choice. We are looking forward to bringing these new capabilities with USAT to our many micro-market customers.”

 “USAT’s ePort Connect service is deeply rooted in the vending marketplace, and our customers have been asking to integrate their cashless systems, support and reporting to get a 360-degree view of their customer accounts,” said Kevin Bailey, president of Breakroom Provisions.  “In addition, the ability to offer a loyalty and prepaid program through USAT’s MORE., including the ability for MORE. users to replenish their accounts right at one of our micro market kiosks, is a market-leading feature that’s a bonus for everyone involved.”

* USA Technologies, Inc. is not affiliated with ECR Software Corp. or Breakroom Provisions Company. USAT brands mentioned in this release, ePort Connect and MORE. are trademarks of USAT and are not products of ECRS or BP.