Boyd's Coffee Introduces Cinnamon Churro Flavored Coffee

Boyd's Coffee introduces a new foodservice product, Cinnamon Churro Flavored Coffee. Cinnamon Churro Flavored Coffee brings the popular Mexican pastry’s fresh-baked flavor to a delicious, rich and sweet coffee drink. 

“Demand for on-trend Hispanic flavors continues to grow, and the Cinnamon Churro coffee will help our customers satisfy that demand,” said Katy Boyd Dutt, director of tactical marketing and great-granddaughter of the company’s founder, in a prepared statement

A portion of Cinnamon Churro’s proceeds assists Grounds for Health, a nonprofit founded in 1996 to establish community-driven, locally sustainable programs to prevent cervical cancer in rural coffee-growing areas.  

“Boyd’s Coffee believes in products that are grounded in good,” Boyd Dutt said. “We’re continuing our support of Grounds for Health because we believe they are making a vital difference in the coffee-growing communities that are our partners.”

 Cinnamon Churro Flavored Coffee will be available beginning in April 2014 for a limited time only. The ground coffee is available in cases of 46, 2.75 ounce packets.