VendSys Adds Support For Multiple Mobile Devices

VendSys announces support for Android, Apple and Windows Mobile v6 to v8. This includes phones, tablets and the typical DEX-based handheld computers from Motorola, Intermec and PSION. “There are applications where each can serve the objectives best,” said Bill Locket, director of marketing, in a prepared statement. Field service repairmen use their smart/Android phone to receive and complete dispatched work orders, which eliminates the paper-based repair order process. Locket added that the Apple platforms work well for fully prekitted routes, while the most typical VendSys scenario is a route supporting 135 to 170 machines, with telemetry on the top 20 to 30 percent, with the rest managed with a DEX-based handheld. That combination, easily supports a prekitted route doing $13-16,000 per week. “We have routes doing over $15,000 with only a DEX based hand held, so it’s always the VendSys user’s choice, on what combinations they prefer,” added John Davies, VendSys founder.

The latest release of the VendSys OCS system supports blanket price increases driven by increasing purchase costs, point of delivery signature capture, with full interface to all versions of QuickBooks for automatic G\L, A\R ,A\P:  Subsidy billing and Driver Commissions. The latest VendSys Web-based OCS order entry release provides history and purchase suggestions, so clients tend to order again, and buy more products, according to the release.