NAMA CEO Interviews On Fox News Against Calorie Disclosure

NAMA’s CEO Carla Balakgie appeared on Fox Business Network to deliver the industry’s message regarding Calorie Disclosure.

“Our estimates:  $42,000 per company per annum…for thousands of business owners… equates to hundreds of millions of dollars. The cost to comply with these regulations is just too high for our industry’s small business owners – it’s a burden,” said Balakgie during the television news segment.

“In our estimation, calorie disclosure is unnecessary, redundant and expensive. The regs (calories disclosure) are not minted and we’re looking for flexibility and accommodation…this is a matter of jobs,” she continued.

Watch the interview

“It’s important to note that the Calorie Disclosure Act has not been finalized,” said Eric Dell, senior vice president of NAMA. “We will continue to work with Congress, regulators and the industry to communicate the cost and impact of these proposed regulations. Members should stay tuned for further updates as our work to protect their interests continues.”