Medeco Launches Mobile Application, Site Survey Wizard

Medeco announced that it has recently launched its mobile app site-surveying tool, Site Survey Wizard.

Medeco’s Site Survey Wizard is a mobile application (app) that is powered by the iOS and Android software platforms for smartphones and tablets. Through streamlining the site survey process and increasing productivity in the field and office, the Site Survey Wizard is able to capture the necessary door data electronically using a mobile device. This eliminates the need to transfer and translate often-cryptic notes, reducing errors while increasing efficiency.

Medeco has streamlined the process, allowing technicians, institutional locksmiths and salespeople to focus on the installation itself rather than the busywork of capturing information and data entry.

By capturing essential lock information electronically, the Site Survey Wizard app automatically organizes and formats the data so staff, wholesalers or manufacturers can easily understand it. With a clear understanding of keying needs, the design process can be accomplished faster, leading to faster order turnaround while also meeting the original delivery expectations of the customer and enhancing the overall experience.

Additionally, planning to upgrade a building’s mechanical key system to high security or key control cylinders or cores can now be accomplished with Medeco’s Site Survey Wizard, equipped with a Medeco technical support assistant to help with the conversion. Pull from Medeco’s extensive cross-reference database of hundreds of Medeco3 and Medeco X4 cylinder retrofits to ensure cylinders are ordered accurately, the first time. 

Even if a full-fledge keying schedule isn’t needed, technicians can use the Site Survey Wizard app on smaller projects to quickly identify the right Medeco cylinder for the application.

Please visit iTunes to download the free app for iPhones or Google Play to download to an android device.