Imperial Coffee And Services, Inc., Pluck Tea, Inc. Announce Partnership

Imperial Coffee and Services, Inc. and Pluck Tea, Inc. announced a partnership that brings a revolutionary new product to offices: premium pots of tea.

Using standard coffee brewing equipment often already found in an office, Pluck Tea’s revolutionary Drip Tea comes with premeasured packs to steep up to 64 ounces of hot, delicious tea, at the press of a button. 

It is as easy and convenient as simply tearing open a premeasured Drip Tea pack which fits in a standard coffee filter, pouring fresh water and brewing directly into your chosen carafe, air pot or thermos. Drip Tea is the perfect complement to meetings, cafeterias, banquets or anywhere multiple cup servings are required.

The addition of Drip Tea to any gathering provides colleagues and clients with a variety of unique and delicious beverage options. Currently available in four inspiring flavors, Drip Tea is a quick, easy and cost-effective alternative to the standard tea bag at the office.

Tea is available in the following flavor options:

Orange Pekoe

Earl Grey Cream

Chocolate Mint Rooibos

Lemon Ginger

“Imperial Coffee issued a challenge – to create a solution for customers wanting to steep whole pots of tea at the office, without purchasing complicated, specialty equipment. After many months of blending, testing and sipping, we are very proud of the result – a high-quality collection of refreshing and delicious teas that will please both the traditional tea drinker as well as the more adventurous,” said Jennifer Commins, certified tea sommelier and president of Pluck Tea, in a prepared statement.

“We’re proud of our record of innovation and industry leadership,” added Imperial Coffee and Services Inc. President Mark Steiner. “So this partnership was a natural step that made perfect sense.”

Drip Tea is now available across Ontario through Imperial Coffee & Services. For availability in other areas please contact

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