Professional Vending Consultants Celebrates 20th Anniversary

Professional Vending Consultants, Inc. founded in 1993 by Marc Rosset, announced it is celebrating its 20th anniversary. Rosset, a former professional photographer in Chicago, Ill., helped a friend — the owner of a vending operation located next door to Rosset's studio — find and purchase another operator in order to grow his business.

During the process, Rosset was intrigued by the number of existing operators that were interested in purchasing a competitor. He decided to help others in the Chicago market. Rosset was approached by Elliot Maras, then editor of Automatic Merchandiser to feature Rosset in an  article about his technique in selling an operation, after he successfully sold Action Vending, a $4 million Chicago operation to DVS, Inc. (Dick's Vending) of Aurora, Ill. The article was published in October of 1995 and helped Rosset establish himself nationally.

To date PVC, Inc. has sold and transferred more than $800 million in gross sales in over 300 separate transactions and Rosset has been recognized as an industry expert in vending/OCS market value by chancellery, tax and divorce courts throughout the country.

Rosset can be reached at 312-654-8910 or by e mail at