AVT Creates Android-Powered Custom Vending Machines

AVT, Inc. announced that it has created a new line of Android powered custom vending machines. AVT's Android-powered custom vending machines can display ads and accept credit or debit cards and mobile wallet payments. Users can also redeem coupon codes and promotional offers.

This system allows AVT to incorporate their patented technology, which provides remote wireless control of multiple vending machines. This industry-leading backend management system gives owners and operators a comprehensive set of customizable real-time reports on sales, usage patterns and even low inventory alerts.

"We selected the Android operating system because it is heavily customizable, which allows us to adjust the look and feel of the interface to match our customer's branding," said Shannon Illingworth, founder and chairman of AVT, Inc., in a prepared statement.  

"AVT continues to be the innovation leader in the custom vending and automated retailing industry," Illingworth commented. "Our next generation Android powered systems provide features and benefits not found in competitive offerings. Additionally, it acts as the backbone for our patented set of technologies, which are being licensed throughout the nation and providing new revenue streams that are exceeding expectations."