Fresh Healthy Vending Reports Highest Sales Growth In November 2013

Fresh Healthy Vending International, Inc. reported its highest sales month in 2013 with the appointment of four new franchisees, additional Fresh Healthy Vending “Combo” machines purchased by current franchisees and 57 newly secured location contracts in the month of November.

Adding to the 59 Fresh Healthy Vending “Combo” machines sold to Fresh Healthy Vending franchisees, November marks the first-ever sale of a Fresh Healthy Vending “Touch”: the latest addition to the line of healthy vending machines, incorporating interactive touchscreens, HD video and multimedia displays. Fresh Healthy Vending’s St. Paul, Minn. franchisees will own and operate the Fresh Healthy Vending Touch in their community. The Fresh Healthy Vending “Touch” machine retails for an average of $14,000 while the “Combo” machine retails for an average of $10,000.

“We’re of course naturally pleased that our performance in November is in line with our sales targets for the month. But we are also very mindful of remaining committed to serving and reinforcing our growing family of franchisees as we continue to implement our Fresh Healthy Vending operations within our dynamic and growing industry,” said Alex Kennedy, CEO of Fresh Healthy Vending International, Inc., in a prepared statement.

The November location contracts secured by Fresh Healthy Vending in Connecticut, Texas, Florida, California, Minnesota, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Georgia and Indiana will be home to Fresh Healthy Vending machines, owned and maintained by franchisees in their respective territories.

“November was our best month in sales for 2013 and tells us that Fresh Healthy Vending is charging into 2014 stronger than ever before,” said Kennedy. “We attribute these positive sales metrics to the abundant interest for our Fresh Healthy Vending products, as well as a sustainable business model that engages franchisees and partners who are personally and professionally committed to the business.”

In its largest single franchise sale of the year, Fresh Healthy Vending sold 29 machines to a franchisee in Miami, Fla. As a degreed civil engineer from Venezuela, he is an entrepreneur who plans to own and operate up to 50 machines.

Fresh Healthy Vending also secured its first franchisees in the San Antonio, Texas territory with six machines, four of which will be placed at the Lackland Air Force Base. This brings the total number of Fresh Healthy Vending franchisees in Texas to 21.

Another new franchisee, in the Orlando, Fla. market, recently left his outside sales career to focus on a owning a socially responsible business with the purchase of 15 Fresh Healthy Vending machines.

Fresh Healthy Vending also appointed a franchisee who has committed to own and operate five machines in the Cleveland, Ohio market.

Locations secured in November include places such as Hartford Boys & Girls Club in Connecticut; Perez Art Museum in Florida; Southwestern Regional Medical Center in Georgia and the San Diego Natural History Museum in California.