Massimo Zanetti Beverage Introduces La San Marco OC System

Massimo Zanetti Beverage USA and La San Marco have partnered to bring a new OC System single cup brewer to the office coffee service market. The OC System features pre-infusion and pulse brew technology that gently opens the cell structure of the coffee, priming the grounds so the most premium flavor is delivered during extraction. The brewer includes a unique capsule design that fully saturates the grounds for even extraction and enhanced flavor and uses individual stay-fresh packets that seal in the freshness and preserve the coffee flavor. It features a proprietary premium coffee line that only fits the OC System and is only available through office coffee service.

The new technology is formulated for four different cup sizes including 4 ounce, 6 ounce, 8 ounce and 10 ounce cups.

Select coffee brands include Kauai Coffee, Segafredo Zanetti and Chock full o’ Nuts.

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