365 Retail Markets Partners With AirVend, Offers Touchscreen Units For Existing Vending Locations

365 Retail Markets has invested and partnered with AirVend, and will now offer its AV5 and AV7 cashless touchscreen peripherals to customers within existing vending locations. This 365 solution will be known as 365SmartVend.

The AirVend AV5 and AV7 units can be retrofitted to most vending machines in minutes, according to the release. Once attached, operators will immediately have machine telemetry, cashless payments, inventory, nutritional information and the ability to wirelessly load and display promotional materials - eliminating any need to manually update their machines. Coming integrations with 365SmartHQ and AV-Live will allow operators to manage and report on both their vending and micro market installations from a single, Web-based portal.

"As a micro market and vending technology company, 365 Retail Markets has always understood how important it is for operators to simplify their technical and operational environments. With this partnership, 365 and AirVend will be able to offer customers best-in-class solutions for both environments," said Matt Caston, 365's chief strategy officer, in a prepared statement.