Marley 360 Coffee Kiosk Opens In California

AVT Inc. has announced that its new 360 Marley Coffee Automated Kiosk has been placed in Westwood Pavilion in Los Angeles, Calif. The 360 Marley Kiosk features 15 varieties of freshly ground and brewed gourmet coffee, espresso, mocha and cappuccino; and a state-of-the-art touch screen. The kiosk is located between Nordstrom and the Landmark Theater.

"We are growing at a pace that is genuinely thrilling," said Joe Menichiello, vice president of sales and marketing at Marley Coffee Stores, in a prepared statement. "With a superior product and convenient locations, we believe that we can become the Redbox of the Coffee World, and literally redefine how coffee is purchased and enjoyed in America."

The Marley Coffee Automated Stores are manufactured and marketed by AVT under an exclusive arrangement with Jammin Java.